Joe Aigner's test version of a 5687 based line stage with two kinds of output transformers (using parafeed and ultrapath circuits to choose from, so it was a great way to compare both concepts. For my dream preamp, we finally decided to use the parafeed circuit -> see below.) Joe's designs are fully homebrewed but highly musical and enjoyable; a truly great linestage ...


Joe mounting transport rolls under his new 'ultimate' power supply rack. This rack houses all the equipment power supplies,
ie. for the line stage, phono stage and power
 amps, which are all tube rectified, of
course. The chief attraction is that all power supplies use three-phase current.
 No 50/60 Hz related hum problems anymore. As you can see on the photo, the
 amount of iron used makes it a heavy load...

On top, Joe's 4-channel power amplifier using the venerable 10Y & 801 DHT triodes (driving the mid and tweeter section of Joe's speakers). Below, one of the 211 mono-block amps for the bass with a 211 as a driver (very cool, ZEN-like ... no wonder, it's a Sakuma San design philosophy). It's fun to have a friend who is able to build all this amazing gear!


Here is the full view of the tube amp
section plus active crossover (left) and the
 impressive three-phase current power
 supplies (right


Joe Aigner's line stage design with a lot of iron (Sowther volume trannies, one 6H30pi double triode tube with battery bias and Lundahl output trannies using a parafeed circuit) and external power supply.


The matching external power supply with Lundahl choke and two TV damper tubes for rectification.


Partial view of these impressive three-phase current power supplies. The power transformers are custom-made here in Austria. Rectifier tubes used are TV-damper tubes. Soon, I will have the chance to audition Joe's equipment with all the new power supplies.


Joe's latest project (January 2006 version); his dream LS-system (wave-guide loaded bass drivers, which are vintage 15" Altecs, plus horn for mids and tweeter section; read more about this project here)

One of Joe's new dream loudspeakers finished (January 2006 version). The wood used for the cabinet is birch plywood. These are highly impressive speakers (in size and sound), that's for sure.
There will be some more fine tuning and a full room measurement of these babies to optimize the performance, but I think Joe has ended his quest for the ultimate speaker for a long time.


15" RCF bass in a wonderful handmade piano black cabinet with David's elliptical  horn system for mid and tweeter section. (These have to go - without horns - due to Joe's new dream loudspeakers shown above...)

I'm sure there will be more to report on Joe's great tube amp designs in the future...

If you're waiting for some of David's LS designs (incl. horn-loaded systems) click here



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